Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ms. Russell has left the stage. *sniff*

The first time I saw Ms. Russell was in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and my first thought was, "this woman kicks ass".
Jane Russell, 1921-2011
 A lovely tribute, here.


Laura said...

Yes, she definitely kicked ass in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Gotta love that sass. Apparently she was just as chummy with Marilyn backstage, and was often called upon to draw her out of her dressing room when she was nervous. She called her Blondie. That makes me go all sorts of "awww!"

Classy, sweet dame.

Michelle said...

I was surprised when I learned that Ms. Russell was just 5'7. She always felt so six feet tall to me -- and that's me, a six feet tall gal!

I've read some tributes-of-sorts that reference her "unappealing", "cold and hard" nature, and, well, I just don't get it. I imagine they're both just terrified little dudes who prefer the meek ones.

Ms.Zebra said...

Although 5'7" seems pretty darn tall to me, I still get your point ;)

I have never found her cold or hard, or whatever else they mistakenly call her. She's more like the perfect big sis. The worldy wise woman who can damn well take care of herself, and anyone else who's down in the dumps and needs a nudge on the chin.

Michelle said...

Re "The worldy wise woman who can damn well take care of herself", well put. And I think (no, I know) some men mistake that brand of confidence/independence for coldness/hardness.